Ramblin’ Bout Em (VLOG)

I think I forgot to mention in the video (when I started talking after alllll of the treat feeding) that when we first met Coyote he wouldn’t get within 12′ of Edward or I but loved playing with Sam. That’s how our relationship began. Also wanted to mention that what you’re seeing is after a little more than two years of working slowly & steadily on getting Coyote to trust us.

You probably don’t know this, it’s barely noticeable in the video at all, but I actually like dogs.

You can google “Carolina dog” if any of this Coyote business intrigues you.

They are also called dixie dingos which I find extremely amusing.

One response to “Ramblin’ Bout Em (VLOG)”

  1. Sam dwarfs absolutely everyone including you. That coat is just so incredibly lustrous.

    Yote has the loveliest little doggy grin on him, its nice that he lets you pet him this much!

    Georgie just seems like the sweetest thing in the world.

    Lena has no concept of waiting her turn and seems like she’s constantly trying to squeeze through a forest of doggy limbs to get closer and closer to the treat bags and its pretty adorable.

    It’s so cute how they all follow you as you’re getting up at the end of the video!

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