Miss Ya, Dad

Miss Ya, Dad

I was crying because I was missing my dad who died a little over two years ago so I decided to try to dance because sometimes I do that to keep from drowning when one of these “grief waves” hits. Anyone else got a term?

I had already been dancing for quite a while when I was like “fuck it imma tape myself for some weird ass reason I don’t really know how to explain” so I couldn’t pirouette at all because tired which, you’ll be able to hear, pissed me off.

The dancing worked a bit, sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t bada bing bada boom, but it was the slipping and falling on my ass hard bit at the end that actually made me feel a lot lighter.

Also, Lena down in the corner watching me. She loves me way more than I deserve and now I am almost crying again but this time because I love her so much that it makes me do that sometimes.

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