Flower Child

I saw a flower on a tree branch

while sitting on the fire escape

and for a moment I thought

it was a baby’s balled fist. I notice

children, pregnant women, everywhere.

Not because I want a child of my own

but becauseI am so afraid of, someday,

my person changing his mind about not wanting

a child of our own making, resenting

me for not being willing

to give him one.

(Photograph by me, originally written May 2015)

8 responses to “Flower Child”

    • It’s always nice to hear that I’m not alone in this situation. Logically I know I’m not – but it’s still always nice to find someone who is a kindred spirit in this way. So, thank you <3

      • Yeah, it’s so important to find who who doesn’t, you know? I actually wrote this when I first started dating my husband back in 2015 – he told me he was fine with not wanting kids but I still worried. Now he’s had to work with kids during his psychiatry residency program & is SO SURE he doesn’t want that in his life lmao. I got very lucky in that way.

      • I found someone last year through submitting a story to a Literary journal which he was the Editor In Chief for. He didn’t want kids either, but he sadly passed away from cancer at Christmas before we ever got to meet properly. He was Canadian.

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