NYC Part I (Photos from San’s Phone)

NYC Part I (Photos from San’s Phone)

San & I went on a last minute trip to NYC at the end of November – with Lena, of course. We had an utterly fabulous time despite my fears before heading out that my anxiety would ruin the whole trip. It actually behaved itself! Here are a handful of the photos he took on his phone while we were there. There will be other posts coming with photos from my camera, Francis, & also from our time chilling at home in Birmingham where we hung out for a few days after NYC.

First night in NYC at our little AirBNB – so happy to be seeing each other in person again & Ethiopian food & all of the drinking & all of the wandering around NYC. I packed Lena a fabulous little furry coat & she looked more glamorous than either of us for the entire trip.

We spent most of the next day at the flagship Macy’s store looking for some tres chic coats for San. We also found some not so chic things – queue Hawaiian shirts & an over the top snake jacket that I thought was pretty fun. Tracy, one of the people working at the front desk in our building, told me she’d taken her little dog into the Macy’s before so Lena got to come along! Nobody seemed to even notice. We got her some chicken nuggets while we were there. I don’t think Lena touched her dog food while we were there – she much prefers to eat what I am eating & I am always sharing it with her. San & Lena bonded during this trip like they’ve never really had the chance to before. We were at the Macy’s for six-ish hours & got some fabulous gets. Huzzah! Everyone, Lena especially, was pretty exhausted by the time we got home.

My directorial debut taking ALLLL the videos of San in different coats so he can see how they look on him. It was a blast. I maybe went on ever so slight a power trip & kept telling him to do this & that lol. Also, below is my attempt to look tough in San’s new leather jacket lol.

I am very focused on my crazy delicious ice cream. Lena is also very focused on my crazy delicious ice cream. The gave her a vanilla sample spoon so she had a good evening despite the cold as fuck weather at night. She really liked walking along all the city streets with us. It made me so happy to see her so happy. I need to remember to take her for more walks now that we are back home.

On the way to see Eurydice at the Metropolitan Opera which was incredibly fun! We had so much fun getting all dolled up for it. I also learned that opera music with a dark theater makes me kinda sleepy? Then off to a speakeasy where I was a dick and ate most of the cheese on the little snack plate San ordered but also had some really delicious strawberry almond drinks. The wallpaper looked normal but was actually silhouettes of people in various sexual positions forming its patterns. 12/10 would do whole night/trip again.

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  1. New York is a wonderful place! I have been lucky enough to go there three times. Weirdly enough, I wrote something about NYC last night. But, I am jealous of San Fran! I have always wanted to go! It looks like you had a time!

  2. I like how you treat your anxiety as a wholly separate entity from yourself. Some people do this on my Tourette Syndrome facebook page. It seems like a good strategy. I have a hard time separating what I do from who I am. I’m a runner, I’m a mountain biker, I have OCD. Each one is me. Unhealthy, I know I need to change this.

    • Thanks, Jeff. It’s not really something I do intentionally. I guess I never really thought about it like that. But what you said makes sense & I think it’s a good idea that you try it.

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