First Attempts At Drawing With Charcoal

First Attempts At Drawing With Charcoal

Lately, as I have put more & more focus on my creative practice, I have been hungry to try new mediums. This time I tried charcoal.

I hope you enjoy this little video of my first attempts at charcoal drawing – I’ve been having a lot of fun with them – both the charcoal & creating these little videos for you.

I still need to get some willow sticks for doing very fine lines, but that’s a trip to the local art supply store (one of my very few no-anxiety-being-there happy places) for another day. They let Lena – my little middle aged dog, my heart beating in another body – come in with me.

“Lena, do you wanna go on an adventure?”

Instant little hops & happy circles.

That’s part of why it is such an anxiety free place for me to visit. Lena doesn’t wear a collar or leash because, as the vet called them, she has “old lady warts” on her neck. She doesn’t need one though. She just follows me around the store, making friends with the other customers we pass. The staff know her by now & they always tell me how much they wish they had a shop dog. The owner of the store, Ken, always tells me she is the best behaved dog he’s ever met. She is so used to going anywhere she is allowed with me, and has been doing it for so long, that she is just chill about going on our little adventures.

I find being around all of the art supplies (and probably buying more of them than my bank account is happy with) very very relaxing & inspiring. Here is a little video (you can make it full screen to see it better) of my first attempts at playing with charcoal. I am not exactly proud of the portrait I drew, but I think for it being my second time ever using charcoal it could be much much worse.

Let me know what you’ve been up to creatively lately? I’d love to know. Also, if you have an artist blog of your own, please leave a comment! I’m looking for more artist blogs to follow on WordPress. I like to have some sense of company & community because being an artist, for me so far at least, has been a very solitary practice.

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  1. That awesome that Lena can tag along. I dunno, I’m always amazed when people can draw anything. Art really isn’t my bag, but I like looking. I agree. Good first outing with charcoal. That last bit about reaching out to other artists is perfect. Have you tried searching tags to find anyone?

    • Places Lena can go are the beeesssttt, as she is 🙂 and thank you! I always appreciate your kind comments. I’m excited because I had my first person join (other than me lol) in an in person artist group I am trying to form in my city!

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