Doing All The Things (Week 1)

Doing All The Things (Week 1)

So last week was the first week of taking my art more “seriously” and you know what? I had a really really good week. I was happy. I felt inspired & productive & I was teaching myself all the things. I planned to just work in pen. Then I started working in graphite. Then I tried my hand at using charcoal for the first time as well.

I was doing doing doing alllllll the art art art things. I was really on a roll last week.

I signed up for & started taking a color theory class. I bought a few too many new tubes of watercolors. I watched vlogs & studio tours & so many other kinds of videos by artists on youtube & Patreon. I picked out which artists I was going to start supporting/learning from on Patreon when the new billing cycle started on February 1st.

I joined an online artist community & it has been sooo good & so much fun so far! I love having a community – even if for right now it is just online. I have been trying to “find my tribe” for so so so long & I feel like I am finally heading in the right direction to do that.

I was just




(a little bit too much & too fast, probably, with hindsight)

I also attended a live (zoom) drawing session & it was so much fun to be chatting with other artists while we all did our thing at the same time. It was such a nice little change from working alone in my studio.

I made a Studio Tour video AND a sort of process video of my First Attempts at Charcoal Drawing. I am learning how to use iMovie via trial & error. I bought a tripod for my phone so I can make more videos because my phone actually takes way better videos than my DSLR which is amazing for photography but not at all built for taking videos.

I made a meetup group for artists to gather together IN PERSON (with vaccination cards & masks) here in my city but so far only one person has joined (fingers crossed for more). On a happier note though, a local artist I’ve been chatting with on Instagram who does AMAZING work & I are going to get coffee together next week & meet each other in person!

At the end of the week I met with my artist mentor, Matt, & he gave me feedback on the work I had made this week.

Feedback On Week One:

  • I could make a series out of the one of my drawings if I wanted to
  • I need to work on drawing texture (he is kind but I’m DREADFUL at it lol)
  • He’s happy that I am comfortable with the idea of showing personal things through my art. This has never been an issue for me.

Ideas, Not-Quite-Assignments, Thoughts & Goals for Week Two:

  • Practice drawing texture & learn how to use it more effectively
  • An idea for a future project I might & would be excited to try
  • Juxtaposing in my work (possible ideas)
  • Question & be curious about WHY I am doing what I’m doing in my art

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