I used to have a tattoo that said “All Life Is An Experiment” – it was easier to believe this when I was eighteen (Week 2)

I used to have a tattoo that said “All Life Is An Experiment” – it was easier to believe this when I was eighteen (Week 2)

I went through that terrible period of counting likes, followers, comparing how fast a fellow artist grew, I followed artists in secret, sometimes bitterly. I posted and waited. Like the teenage girl who posts a selfie and gets no likes, the heart sank. I always told myself: grow up!”

– Luisa Fernanda

Here is a wet-on-wet watercolor piece I created this week. I really like the way the indigo blue/rosy pinks look when they bleed into each other. I think the green might have been a bad move – but it was an experiment. I am still trying to convince myself that every piece I create is an experiment – that it doesn’t have to turn out to be something I am proud of, that I still am learning valuable skills just by having done that (possible failure in my eyes of) an experiment. No matter how many instructors/guest speakers/other artists say this, I cannot seem to convince myself of it quite yet.

I finished my drawing different values assignment (above) this week, as well as 1/3 of my texture drawing homework (below). I haven’t been good about my drawing homework – or really starting up a consistent drawing practice in general. I think it is because I haven’t really drawn much before & it’s hard for my ego to do things I am not good at. I am not afraid of wasting paper or pencil or really, very much, even time. I am afraid of feeling badly about myself. I am afraid of my own judgement of my work.

“Assignment” or “homework” aren’t the right words here. My mentor & I always talk about what’s going with my creative practice & he’ll make suggestions about some directions I could go with my work/learning. I will take, change or leave them. Sometimes I am just not ready to move onto something more complicated after a week. It’s a very student-driven style of mentorship that I very much appreciate.

Another project I had for an afternoon was turning portions of my tubed watercolors into palettes. I’ve since taken them for a ride & they turned out pretty well, which I am quite relieved about – if they hadn’t I would have wasted some serious dollars worth of tubed watercolors.

A fun thing that happened this week was that the online creative community I am a part of had their February Kick Off zoom. I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to a little online workshop they are doing later this month.

For a painting thing I am doing with a group of other artists on Instagram during February (#pyh2022) there was “paint with anything but a brush” prompt, so…

I used: a fiddle leaf fig leaf, feathers, pipe leaners, aquarium decor, African shield plant leaved, orchid stakes, rocks, evergreen cuttings, crumpled paper, crumpled aluminum foil. pothos leaves, a teabag + its paper envelope, disposable lancets, a fork, gold ink, a scrap of bell pepper, torn cardboard, scrap broccoli. dried flowers, rolled up paper, mason jars + their lids, a whole fucking pineapple, plastic packaging, & a leaf from a houseplant in the monstera family.

I had a lot of fun going around the house collecting things to use for mark making. I just kept finding more & more things, possibilities, the more I looked.

Here are the results, I am actually pretty fond of them. This experiment definitely thought me some new ways of mark making & was a lot of fun.

But yeah, gotta work harder not to fall too deeply into the Instagram trap.

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  1. I had to leave Instagram, I find it to be not a very effective platform for artists anymore. The algorithm isn’t kind to those who don’t pour hours of their lives into it, and it’s all free work! You can’t even get paid for it like you can on YouTube! I love WordPress because it’s such a slow and relaxed site in comparison. I know many (most, probably) people who read WordPress blogs do not have an account themselves, so not receiving likes/comments/follows isn’t necessarily a reflection of the blog’s success. But it’s nice that it does have a commenting feature, for times like this! If you hadn’t commented on my blog I might not have found yours, and I’m really glad I did!
    Always create for yourself for the joy of doing it. Cheers!

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